Weight Management: Myths about Weight Loss

Weight management is something we all struggle with, especially after reaching your ideal weight loss.

Like everything, there are myths that somehow get started around weight loss.

Weight Management

Weight Management


Anyone who has tried slimming down.

Has had the misfortune of struggling through all the conflicting weight loss advice.

Every new diet is always the answer: Go high-fat, low-carb.

Cut out dairy, Eat only Greek yogurt.

And so on. It can be mind-boggling.

Here are nine myths about weight loss, and the truth behind them:

1. “Carbs will make you gain pounds.”

Some people think that carbohydrates make you gain weight.

Because they bind water which leads to bloating.

Empty carbs found in processed foods and sugary treats are easy to overeat.

Which can lead to added weight.

However, complex carbs such as vegetables, whole grains and legumes.

Will fill you up without adding extra weight.


2. “Indulging is a no-no.”

Never having your favorite food again the rest of your life is just not reasonable and sustainable.

If you really crave your favorite food, have a small bite, savor it and move on.


3. “Gluten free is the way to drop pounds.”

This is totally a myth.

If you don’t have celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity.

Gluten-free eating won’t change your weight over the long term.

There may be some change in the beginning since you’re giving up pizza and pasta.


4. “The number on the scale means you’re healthy.”

Weight is a way for your doctor to let you know if you’re at risk for certain diseases.

But it’s not a reliable indicator of overall health.

If you eat healthily and exercise but your weight is outside the normal weight range.

You’re at less of a risk for heart disease.

Than someone who is in the normal range.

And eats unhealthily without exercising.


5. “Low-fat and fat-free foods are better for you.”

Almost all processed low-fat or fat-free foods have hidden salt, flour, additives and sugar.

And have just as many if not more calories than full-fat versions.


6. “Exercise needs to be hardcore and painful to count.”

Working out until you’re breathless and drenched in sweat isn’t the only way to exercise.

It’s better to just get moving.

Walk the dog, take a dance class, hike the local trails, or vacuum your house.

Any kind of movement counts.

Weight Management

Weight Management


7. “It’s fine to cut out entire food groups and nutrients.”

In some cases it’s necessary to cut out food groups.

Such as if you are lactose intolerant.

But for most people a healthy diet is one that is based on a variety of foods and nutrition groups.

And includes both balance and moderation.

Your body needs fat, protein and carbohydrates to function.


8. “Skipping meals is great for losing weight.”

Even though it seems logical that if you skip a meal.

You’ll lose weight because you’re eating fewer calories.

That’s not necessarily how the body works.

Those who skip meals are often hungrier later in the day.

And eat more than normal.


9. “You can eat whatever you want as long as you exercise a lot.”

Not really, it’s more about balance.

Healthy weight management means balancing a healthy eating habit with a good exercise habit.

That means real, unprocessed foods and daily movement.

Myths about weight loss are flowing and growing every day.

It’s important to follow your instincts.

Your doctor’s or nutritionist’s advice.

And do thorough research when attempting to lose weight.


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