Parsley, Antioxidants And A Dose Fresh Breath

Parsley has been seen as just a pretty piece of shrubbery on your plate.

But did you know that it has many health benefits.

Parsley Is Another Super Food

Parsley Is Another Super Food

Fresh Breath and a Dose of Antioxidants

You may have seen that parsley on your plate.

And thought of it as just a decoration.

And while it is often used as a pretty garnish.

It also has many health benefits.

It turns out that parsley is very high in antioxidants.

These chemicals help to prevent disease.

And improve your overall health.

They also slow down the aging process.

Specifically, parsley contains luteolin, vitamin A.

And vitamin C that are powerful antioxidants.

Parsley can help you to improve your immunity to disease.

Because it’s packed with vitamin C.

It naturally supports healthy immunity.

It also helps your body to repair.

The connective tissue collage in the body.

Eating parsley can help you to have stronger bones and teeth.

And repair more quickly from cuts and scratches.

The vitamin K found in parsley helps to protect your body.

From hardened arteries and heart disease.

It keeps calcium from building up in your blood vessels.

And collecting as plaque.

It also helps to keep your bones strong.

Vitamin K also offers protection for your nerve cells.

Can strengthen your nervous system.

And prevent disorders of it.

The natural oils in parsley.

Are also known to fight cancer.

Specifically, you can reduce your risk.

Of colon cancer and prostate cancer.

You can even get some protection.

From the carcinogens in cigarette smoke.

Though it’s not a good idea to pick up smoking.

Diseases that are related to inflammation.

Can also see improvement when eating the green vegetable regularly.

Arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome.

And autoimmune diseases can all be helped.

By adding this nutrient to your diet.

How much of this underrated green plant.

Do you need to eat in order to get the benefit?

Parsley, Natures Healing Plant

Parsley, Natures Healing Plant

It turns out that you only need about two tablespoons.

Of fresh parsley each day to get the vitamins.

And antioxidants it provides in high levels.

It is delicious in its own right.

It makes a great compliment.

To many dishes either raw or cooked.

However, when it’s raw.

You’ll get the greatest benefits from it.

And, on a cosmetic level.

The oils and texture of this plant help to clean your teeth.

And freshen your breath after a meal.

This is great when you don’t have time.

To brush your teeth between meals.

So, instead of leaving the it on the plate.

Next time go ahead and eat a bit of the garnish.

To get the health benefits.

You’ll walk away with fresh breath.

And an army of nutrients.

To help keep your body healthy and young.


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