The Top Five Health Risks for Men

There are a number of health risks for men.

Which can lead to premature death.

If they are not prevented or dealt with in their early stages.

Health Risks You Are A Candidate For

Health Risks You Are A Candidate For


 1) Heart Disease and High Cholesterol

The number one killer of men in the United States is heart disease.

Heart disease is usually caused by the blockage.

Or hardening of the arteries.

Due to various factors, including high cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a waxy substance.

That is important for preserving the integrity of cells.

But too much of it in the blood stream.

Is not healthy because it can get stuck in blood vessels.

And lead to arterial plaque.

This in turn can result in high blood pressure.

Hardening of the arteries.

And potential heart attack and stroke.

The plaque can break off of the artery walls.

And lead to a blood clot.

If the clot travels to the brain.

It can lead to stroke.

Which can be severely disabling or fatal.

If the clot travels to the heart.

It can cause a heart attack.

And heart damage or even death.

Cholesterol is contained in animal-related products that we eat.

Such as red meat.

It is also produced naturally in the body.

Men with high cholesterol are at higher risk of cardiovascular issues.

And erectile dysfunction.

Due to decrease blood flow from the hardened arteries.


2) Diabetes

Diabetes is on the rise and contributes to vascular issues.

It too can cause narrowing of blood vessels.

The narrowing of blood vessels can often result in erectile dysfunction.

It can also lead to circulation being cut off.

To the extremities like the toes.

Which can necessitate amputation.

Diabetes is the number two cause of amputation in the world.

Second only to accidents and smoking cigarettes.

Amputations often have serious consequences for one’s health and mobility.

Diabetes can also lead to nerve damage.

Kidney problems and eye issues.

These can all lead to a poor quality of life and premature death.

A diet low in carbs and sugar can prevent diabetes.

Health Risks You May Not Know You Have

Health Risks You May Not Know You Have


3) Cancer

The number one killer in terms of cancer is lung cancer.

Smoking rates have gone down around the world.

But lung cancer still remains poorly treatable and therefore deadly.

The number two cause of cancer deaths in men is related to the prostate.

Prostate cancer kills more than 27,000 men per year.

In the United States alone.

Early detection is key to a good outcome.

The treatments are varied.

And will usually depend on the man’s age and overall health.

Treatments include surgery, radiation, and hormone therapy in advanced cases.

Cases that are caught early.

Can often be prevented from spreading.

Health Risks Can Be Sensibly Managed

Health Risks Can Be Sensibly Managed 


4) Colon Cancer

Colon cancer is the number three killer.

In terms of cancer-related deaths.

Many men avoid thinking about their toilet issues.

Such as constipation, and will suffer symptoms.

To the point where it might be too late for treatment.

A healthy, balanced diet.

Rich in plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables and tofu.

Can go a long way towards keeping men regular.

As well as lowering cholesterol naturally.

With no need for statin drugs and their many side effects.


5) Enlarged Prostate

As a man ages.

His prostate can enlarge.

To the point where it starts to cause urinary tract symptoms.

Such as the frequent need to urinate.

A sense of a sudden and urgent need to do so.

And/or inability to hold it in.

Which is referred to as incontinence.

There are a number of treatments.

Which can shrink or reduce the prostate tissue.

So it will no longer have an impact on the bladder and urethra.

And the man can resume a better quality of life once more.

As a man ages, his health concerns increase.

But a healthy lifestyle that is drug and alcohol free.

And pays attention to good nutrition.

Is the best foundation for staying healthy.

And mobile for as long as possible.


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