Diabetes and Foot Care

Diabetes is a metabolic condition that involves the body’s use of insulin. People with diabetes have to be careful about taking care of themselves.

Feet are particularly sensitive to changes in the person with diabetes. When someone has diabetes, their body doesn’t use insulin as it should. Insulin helps sugar in the blood to travel to the cells where it is needed.

When there is too much sugar in the blood, the body can’t produce enough insulin to meet the need. In some cases, the body loses its sensitivity to insulin and the cells won’t accept it.

Problems with excess blood sugar can affect all areas of the body. Neurological changes involve damage to the nerve endings. In the extremities, damage results in lack of feeling. A person with diabetes can suffer an injury to their feet and not even know it.

Diabetes and Foot Care







Diabetes also causes problems with the cardiovascular system. When blood vessels are damaged an insufficient blood supply reaches hands and feet. The lack of blood can affect the healing process. People with diabetes have to be extra careful and get attention right away if they suffer a burn, bruise or cut.

If you are diabetic, here are a few ways that you can take care of your feet to avoid any problems:

* Wear comfortable shoes – You want to have room for your feet to breathe and move. Ill-fitting shoes can cause feet to rub and become inflamed. The skin can even crack and bleed over time.

* Check your feet everyday – Not noticing a sore or wound can lead to infection and worse, even amputation if it goes too long without care. Examine the tops and especially the bottoms of your feet for any changes. If you notice any, contact your doctor for further treatment.

* Use only doctor approved treatments for wounds on your feet – A doctor will know what to do to help your wounds heal properly over time. Using all sorts of over-the-counter medications can further irritate your feet and make the matter worse.

Diabetes and Foot Care

Wrapping a wound with too tight a bandage can also hinder proper healing. Because you have diabetes, a doctor’s treatment will work better than any other remedies.

* Take a look at your surroundings – Keep your floor at home free from small objects that can easily stick in your foot without you knowing it. Pay attention to where you walk outdoors.

Never walk without protective foot gear. Before putting on your shoes, shake them to be sure no loose objects are lurking inside that can wound your feet.

If you are a diabetic, taking care of your feet is very important. Examine them every day for changes and consult a doctor if you develop a wound.


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