Women’s Disease Heart How The Symptoms Differ

Women’s heart disease differ greatly from men, they don’t experience some of the same symptoms.

Since women are more vigilant when it comes to their health.

Most people think of heart disease as the list of symptoms they’ve grown up with.

Like discomfort in the center of the chest, squeezing in the chest, pressure, fullness, pain that goes away but then comes back.

Those are the symptoms of men’s heart disease.

Symptoms of women’s heart disease go barely noticed and it’s become the number one killer of women because of that fact.

The first difference between men and women is that women don’t usually get the chest pain that men do. In fact, lack of pain is the significant difference; one that also has women not bringing up the subject because they only feel a slight discomfort and don’t want to be a bother to anyone. Even their doctors misdiagnose it to be more anxiety then illness. So women chalk it up to getting the flu, acid reflux or just aging.

Another difference is how women feel angina pain. In men a squeezing in the chest is felt with great pain. Women experience it as a hot, burning sensation and not in the chest, but in shoulders, back, or jaw.

Women having heart attacks vomit or have dry heaves. They experience shortness of breath, nausea, acid reflux, or extreme, sudden fatigue. Or even NO symptoms at all. Men usually have chest pain and clutch at their chest.

Women minimize their symptoms and unless they go out of their way to get the attention of a doctor, most doctors will not investigate further due to over demand on their own time and resources.

Many times a woman only knows she has had a heart attack is when a doctor examines a woman’s heart and sees damage from a “silent heart attack”, meaning a heart attack that went untreated because the woman had little to no pain. A great deal of damage can happen this way and weaken the heart.

Seek immediate medical help or call 911 if you feel any of the following, even one of them:

· Shortness of breath lasting more than 10 minutes
· Sudden sweating with no reason
· Sudden feelings of doom in a panicky way (this is a real symptom)
· Loss of consciousness or fainting
· Sudden severe vomiting or indigestion
· Sudden severe fatigue

Women must start feeling that it is not alright to quietly suffer in silence. Get attention and seek help. Don’t put it off, or it can have far reaching implications to your family and you.




Cooking Gluten Free Food

Gluten free cooking

In this day and age people have many dietary restrictions.

One restriction that is gaining some degree of notoriety in recent years is the need for a gluten free diet.

Gluten is a substance that is commonly found in flour products.

That a decent sized portion of the population has a negative reaction to in some form or another.

For these people, gluten free isn’t a choice it is absolutely necessary.

Gluten free cooking does impose many restrictions.

And often makes it quite difficult to enjoy something the vast majority of us take for granted—dining out.

The good news from those who require gluten free cooking is that.

More and more restaurants are beginning to acknowledge this condition.

And offer some selections that are gluten free.

It takes time, just as it did with low carb craze for the demand for these products to make it worth the industries while to make adjustments in their way of preparing foods.

While on the one hand it is frustrating to not have the option of dining out.

There is some challenge to finding new and tasty foods.

And combinations for cooking each and every night without falling into a rut.

Of the same old foods that you know you can eat without worry.

Consider cooking gluten free a challenge rather than a chore.

And you may find that the process is much more enjoyable.

You might even find that you appreciate the meals you’ve worked hard to prepare even better.

Because of the great sense of accomplishment.

There are many resources available for those who need to eat gluten free foods.

There are even more and more ‘convenience’.

Or prepackaged foods that are designated for gluten free cooking.

This means that those who once had no option but creating meals from scratch.

Do now have the occasional shortcut available to them.

We are even finding cookie and cake mixes that are now gluten free.

In order to enjoy some of the finer things in life.

For those who would have been completely deprived only a few short years ago.

Changes are being made and resources are being shared through the Internet.

That help not only adults that require special gluten free cooking and diets.

But also support for the parents of children who must have gluten free diets.

Cooking for children in the best of circumstances is often difficult.

It is even more difficult when there are excessive dietary restrictions.

That often eliminate the possibility of our children enjoying childhood favorites.

That is why it is so important to seek out the many resources and recipes that are available for gluten free cooking.

If you require a gluten free diet and have no idea where to start or what you should be cooking.

You should check out the many websites and blogs online.

That address the issues and needs that are faced by those requiring gluten restrictions.

You will probably be amazed at the wealth of information that is available.

Also, if you have a Trader Joes or Whole Foods store in your area.

Most of them either offer or will order gluten free products for your cooking needs.

Gluten free cooking does not have to be the chore many of us think it must be.

And all gluten free food doesn’t taste like cardboard.

Take the time to get to know the wonderful gluten free recipes that abound.

And incorporate them one at a time into your cooking repertoire.

There are some wonderful recipes out there and you will feel great.

How to Cook Healthy Meals for your Family

Do you have trouble know how to cook healthy meals for your family? The good news is that there are recipes that are very healthy but the healthy nature of these recipes is somewhat disguised. What they do not know in these instances truly should not bring harm their way (outside of allergies, which should never be ignored).

Healthy cooking is often difficult as most of us do not want to spend time planning and preparing meals that our families refuse to eat. At the same time, we want our families to be healthy so we feel compelled to learn new and improved ways of cooking healthy foods for our family to enjoy (and unfortunately in some cases scorn).

With weight and nutrition being known as the culprit in so many health conditions it is impossible to ignore the importance of not only eating healthy ourselves but also of teaching our children the importance of eating healthy. One way to insure that your loved ones are in fact eating healthy is to make sure that you are cooking healthy and nutritious foods for them. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy the occasional calorie splurge or even that you shouldn’t. The key to cooking healthy is learning to control portions and understanding the importance of moderation.

For those that are hoping to incorporate healthy cooking habits into their daily routines, there are no more resources available than ever before in order to assist you in those endeavors. You can seek the services of a professional nutritionist, your doctor can offer advice, you can find all kinds of books on healthy eating, cooking, and living at your local library, and the Internet is an outstanding source of all kinds of information when it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle all around.

There are many books and magazines that are filled with recipes that encourage healthy cooking and eating habits. If you truly love to cook, then there is no shortage of recipes that you can try out along the way. The really good news is that you can incorporate healthy cooking into your cooking routine whether you are cooking for one or a household of ten.

There are many that will argue that cooking healthy food costs more than cooking the prepackaged foods that pack on the calories and additives. The truth of the matter is that when you compare the costs with the medical bills of the future for failing to do so, they seem rather slight by comparison. Yes, good food costs more money. In many cases, that is a simple fact of life. However, by learning portion control and eating the proper portions you just may discover that you are actually spending less as you adjust to the proper amounts of food you should be consuming in order to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Cooking healthy isn’t an overnight change; it is a lifestyle change that should be implemented one step at a time. You do not have to go into your kitchen and through out every little thing that you deem ‘unhealthy’ only work to not buy more of these items once they’ve been used. Make wiser decisions when purchasing fats for food preparation and you will discover that you’ve made a vitally important step in the process of incorporating healthy cooking and eating habits in your home.

It’s those small steps you take towards your goal of cooking healthy foods for your family that will matter far more than any giant leap. Before you know it you will find that you all have more energy and a better sense of overall health than you would have imagined before changing your cooking habits. The healthier your meals, the more likely your whole family are to maintain a healthy body weight.

Osteoarthritis in the Knees: 10 Pain Relief Options

Do you suffer from osteoarthritis in the knees?

If so, you know pain and you know it well.




Luckily, your suffering does not have to be constant or last for long.

There are many ways to seek relief. In fact, just ten of your options are outlined below.

These particular options were selected due to ease and practicality.

Just about anyone can seek relief with these methods.


 1) Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers

For osteoarthritis, most professionals recommend Tylenol or acetaminophen.

With that said, there are many over-the-counter pain relievers available.

Choose a brand that you can afford and one that provides you with relief.

For example, if Aleve has worked to stop headache pain, try it for arthritis relief.

You already know the formula works.


2) Topical Arthritis Creams

For instant arthritis pain relief, it is best to go directly to the source.

Topical arthritis creams enable you to do so.

You apply the cream directly to the hurtful joints.

At first, you may notice a slight tingle or sting, but then comes the relief.

This relief usually lasts as long as over-the-counter pain relief pills.

When examining the active ingredients in over-the-counter arthritis creams, you are likely to find capsaicin.

This ingredient is also found in cayenne pepper.

Many not only recommend a capsaicin cream.

But adding the pepper spice to foods for flavor and the health benefits.


3) Prescribed Medication

Many times, physicians only write prescriptions for severe pain.

This is pain that cannot be treated with over-the-counter products.

Opioids are prescription pain relievers.

But there is a risk of addiction or problems from improper use.

If your doctor deems you a responsible and low-risk taker.

Codeine, hydrocodone, or oxycodone may be prescribed.


4) Heat

For most, heat provides pain relief.

So, give it a try.

Draw a warm bath, use a warm washcloth, or purchase a heating pad.

As always, caution is advised to prevent burns.

Although most individuals benefit from heat, some do better with cold.

Some medical professionals, according to Arthritis Today, recommended alternating between the two.




5) Exercise

To reduce joint pain, strong muscle strength is needed.

With strong muscles, you are able to rely on them and use them more.

This puts less pressure on achy knees.

In fact, strong muscles give the joints extra protection and cushion.

Therefore, exercise is advised.

If it is painful to exercise, start out slow with low-impact exercises.

For some, stretching and light walking is enough.

If still too painful, consider low-impact water exercises.


6) Physical Therapy

As previously stated, some osteoarthritis patients may find it too painful to exercise.

Your goal is to avoid and prevent pain, so why do something that causes it?

Exercise has long-term health benefits.

Not only does it promote an overall healthy body.

But it does provide the joints protection through increased muscle strength.

You can exercise at home.

But physical therapy is good.

In some cases, this gives you easy access to water exercises.

You can also learn safe low-impact exercises to do at home.


7) Weight Loss

Not all patients suffering from osteoarthritis are overweight.

But those who are increase the risk of pain.

The more weight one carries around, the more pressure there is applied to the knees.

If you can lose weight without compromising your health, do so.

The best way to lose weight is to combine exercise with healthy eating.


8) Knee Braces

Those who suffer from osteoarthritis in the knees.

Are more likely to experience walking troubles.

It can be painful to walk from one room to another, let alone leave the house.

A knee brace can provide support and stability.

A proper fitting knee brace not only makes it easier to walk.

But less painful too!

Knee braces are available for sale at most health and drugstores.

But talk to your physician first.




9) Walking Aids

Those with mild osteoarthritis in the knees can benefit from a cane.

Those with severe osteoarthritis in the knees may need crutches.

As previously stated, walking is difficult with arthritis in the knees.

It is painful and there is an increased risk of falls, due to instability.

Cane or crutches can provide support.


10) A Strong Support System

Many arthritis patients believe they reach the point of no return.

This is when the pain is so unbearable it seem as if nothing will work.

Those individuals are more likely to suffer in silence than seek treatment.

If you are one of those individuals.

Or if you just need a push to lose weight.

Or exercise, a strong support system is vital.

For many, talking about their pain helps to ease it.

Ensure you have someone at home to discuss your arthritis with.

Or find local support groups.


Rheumatoid Arthritis and Early Treatment

When diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, many patients instinctively prepare for a life filled with pain.

Yes, this may be true in some cases.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis


But, a growing number of rheumatologists now believe that this form of arthritis can literally be stopped in its tracks.

According to the popular Arthritis Today magazine, this is a growing theory.

So, what does it mean for you?

If you suspect you are suffering from arthritis, it is important to seek immediate medical care.

Common symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis include joint pain, swelling, stiffness, sleep troubles, and decreased mobility.

Treatment options do vary, but a proper diagnosis is key.

There are over one hundred different types of arthritis.

Although the treatments are similar, a diagnosis is important. Start with your primary care physician.

He or she may later suggest you visit an arthritis specialist, also commonly known as a rheumatologist.

Treatment options for rheumatoid arthritis typically include over-the-counter pain medication.

This is to lessen the severity of the pain. Unfortunately, this relief is short lived.

That is why many prescribe medication. When taken overtime, these medications work to combat arthritis.

As for the importance of early treatment, the Arthritis Today magazine highlighted a study performed on the drug Humira.

It showed that those diagnosed early were more likely to enter into remission in as little as two years!

Another important aspect of treatment is exercise.

Excessive use of the troublesome joints can trigger pain.

For that reason, patients need to start slow.

For example, a patient suffering from arthritis of the fingers should move and stretch their fingers daily.

Pain is likely at first, but the more a joint is safely and slowly worked, the more improvements patients are likely to see.

Low impact exercises relieve joint stiffness and lessen the likelihood of deformities.

In addition to exercise, healthy eating is important.

Combined, the two should result in weight loss. Not all arthritis sufferers are overweight, but some are.

This increases pain, as the extra body weight applies more pressure to joints.

With some patients, the pain is triggered by certain foods.

Most see success by eliminating or reducing meat and dairy intake.

In terms of natural remedies, nothing is scientifically proven.

But many patients report relief after consuming pineapples, cayenne pepper, raw cabbage, and coldwater fish.

As for why early treatment is important, it slows the progression of the disease.

Juveniles are the only individuals likely to outgrow rheumatoid arthritis.

For adults, the disease will only progress and get worse, especially without treatment.

The health complications are far too great to not give treatment a chance.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis


These health complications may include disability, severe limitations in mobility, and deformities.

Although a growing number of arthritis experts do agree that early treatment can stop.

Or slow the progression of rheumatoid arthritis, many have cause for concern.

For example, an average window of opportunity is two years.

Many believe that once those two years have passed.

Patients will mistakenly believe they are past the point of no return and that treatment is useless.

It is not.

Treatment will reduce or temporarily eliminate many of the symptoms of arthritis.

So, many will push for treatment regardless.

While there is little scientific proof that early treatment can stop rheumatoid arthritis in its tracks, it is worth the chance.

As previously stated, all patients should undergo treatment.

Whether that treatment comprises of over-the-counter products, prescribed medications, herbal supplements, or exercise.

Treatment can reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

If you are able to stop the disease in its tracks, just consider that the icing on the cake.